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I have recently joined the Navy and become apart something bigger than myself and I hope to stay with the Navy for many, many years to come.  I really hope that this helps me in the long run and helps me become a better person.

Right now I have to work out 5 times a week for 3 to 4 hours each time I do it just to make sure I am ready physically for whatever awaits me at basic training.  I’m going to be using a 24 hour Fitness that is about a mile away from my house and easily able to walk to and from.  I am pretty sure it also has a pool that I can do laps in, that excites me more than anything at the moment because I love swimming and it is a good work out.  Working out makes me feel good about myself and it also makes me feel like I have more energy.

Unfortunately I am having a hard time balancing working for TGN, gaming, school, and training all in one and I am going to have to choose what is more important to me.  I really don’t want to because the last thing I want to do is make people who depend on me upset because I can’t be around when they need me.

Hopefully though things will work out for the best.


Update on Real Life

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve actually written a blog about anything.  I recently became a director at TGN.TV so I’m excited about that.  I have a meeting with the Air Force Recruiter Monday to talk about me joining and hopefully other problems with school will be resolved.  I’m going to brush up on my math to make sure I’m prepared for the test they are going to have me take while still trying to get my homework done and the videos for TGN up.  

I did a logo for a contest a club I’m in was hosting and hope I win.  I wont know till I think later today or Friday but one can hope.  I’m also trying to work with UDK (Unreal Development Kit) more so I can be familiar with it for level designing.  I might do some live streams of it when I’m good enough to say HA look at me I’m good at this…. partially.

League has been fun as always.  I’m still not apart of WoW right now because I can’t be bothered wasting 4 hours of my life everyday to raiding.  Yet I can waste tons of time playing league… Maybe it’s the competition or maybe it’s because I don’t have to listen to people yell all the time.  Wish me luck world as I try to get my life on a track that never cuts off. :)

Game Controller Final Project


Universal, Screen, Controller

Seth Lewis, Ashely Hurick

Full Sail University

Dr. Ware

August 26, 2011


In this paper it will explore the aspects of a new controller utilizing an LED touch screen that is compatible with both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  These aspects include the design, games compatible, and testing procedures.  In history of gaming there has never been a controller that can be used on multiple different systems and an LED touch screen to help with interface applications in games.  This controller promises to provide just that and bring the player into the next generation.  This controller should bring players closer to their games and give them more options with some more control over their games.

Universal. Screen. Controller

Bringing the next generation of controller interface to you

Introduction and Design Purpose

            When people think of gaming systems they immediately think of what controls they have to work with.  With many games comes new types of interfaces that can sometimes clutter screens, with this controller the interfaces that threaten burn-in for certain televisions will never be a matter to deal with again.  A system before has never had more than one controller; this will change with the U.S.C because it would be compatible with both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 using USB technology.  This controller will be able to make a user’s life easier with it’s interface and controls giving player something that they will be able to play with and love every second.


Literature Review

            Based on the Xbox 360 controller design from the Xbox 360 game console.  It incorporates the basic controller feel that the Xbox 360 controller had with a screen incorporated into it making it a bit bigger but not by too much.  The LED screen is incorporated from the many LED screens out there today like the screen on the HTC Evo 4G.  This screen would be a bit bigger to be of use for users of any kind with and size fingers.  The idea also was conceptually borrowed from the Apple with their touch screen iPad and the PlayStation Portable.


Design Assumptions

            Noise is sometimes more than just unwanted sound. Noise on the screen when playing a game is unwanted information or information that is getting in the way or distracting you while playing. The U.S.C. has nice usability features that help eliminate screen noise by simply relocating it to a more comfortable area. It will also give you a much quicker, and easier way to deal with the in-game menu as well as the pause menu in most games.

            The small screen is located in the middle of the controller. The screen is the perfect size to use properly. The screen cannot be too small otherwise it would be too hard to see anything on it and players with bigger fingers would hit too many buttons. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you cannot have too large of a screen due to the fact that the controller itself would be too large and would not feel natural. The screen in the middle is a touch screen, which applies to the first rule of “Gamenics” which is “Intuitive user interface (emphasizing ease of use)”. The touch screen utilizes an intuitive user interface by allowing players to be able to change in game options with the simple tap on the screen. Many other functions can be done with a touch screen that could possibly be utilized in the future.  

            The other main function of the controller is the dual mapping interface within the controller allowing the controller to be used for either the PS3 or the Xbox360. Having one universal controller that can be used to play on two different game consoles is great not only in terms of usability but also in terms of market domination. More people will want to save money and space by buying a controller that they can use for both of their consoles. Plus with the touch screen its value increases even more. The fact that both the Xbox360 and the PS3 controllers have similar button setups helps with the second “Gamenics” rule, which is “Operability that does not require a manual”. If you play Xbox or PS3 you will already be comfortable with the controller’s button layout.

Description of three games

Call of Duty series:

The U.S.C. controller will have very similar design structure to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 controllers as far as buttons go. This will help so that players in the Call of Duty game series as well as other first person shooter games do not have to adjust to the feeling of a different controller. The screen on the controller could be used for changing Custom Classes as well as accessing different options from the pause menu. This can help out a lot considering that as of right now whenever you pause the game in a multiplayer match the pause menu takes up the whole screen. This renders your player vulnerable. Having the option to quickly change your custom class or your button layout while being able to see what’s going on around you will give you a sleight advantage over the enemy.

Final Fantasy series:

One of the most iconic role-playing game series would be the Final Fantasy series. The Final Fantasy games used to have a turn based combat sequence, which did not require fast action but instead careful moves. In the most recent FF games the combat is now real time instead of turn based which makes it evermore crucial to have the right stuff equipped at the right time as well as use the right objects at the right time without having to go through the complicated process of going through menus and screens. This is where the touch screen will come into play. The touch screen will allow you to fine tune your player as the time comes where you need to the most. Also, throughout the past few years most FF games are released either on PC or the PlayStation consoles with the exception of two of the previous titles being released on the Xbox as well. Having a controller that will let you play your favorite FF game or other game on the console that it is available more eliminates the need to choose whether you can play the game or not.  

Halo Wars:

U.S.C. can also give you a slight advantage when it comes to playing your favorite real time strategy game on either the PS3 or the Xbox360. Since the button layout is the same on both controllers, the need to go over the controls is redundant. Instead I will focus again on the nifty screen located on the middle of the controller. This screen will give you different tactical options on the real time strategy battlefield. This allows you to act faster in a game where every second counts. While assaulting an enemy base you can simply use your touch screen to order more troops, bring them to the area in which you are attack or trace a pathway on a small mini-map of the route in which you with them to take to flank the enemy. This upper hand in battle can mean winning or losing the game.


Schematic and diagram




Testing Procedure

            The U.S.C. will need a lot of hands on testing for it to become fully operational. The need of many different age groups as well as both kinds of sex are required to accurately tell how functional the touch screen will be. Some younger players may misuse, press to hard, or simply not understand the touch screen where as some older male players might have too large of fingers to effectively issue commands and perform tasks. We will have to find players that also are familiar with touch screens as well as those who have never operated one before. Some stress tests will also have to be used to see how much touch the touch screen can take before it starts to loose its overall performance. More tests will have to show (depending on what game) how many players liked to use the touch screen and how many found it to be a nuisance

            More tests will be needed on the effectiveness of the dual mapping interface. The tests will have to include many Xbox360 an PS3 players of different skill levels and ages to determine if the controller is as easy to play on a Xbox as it is to play on a PS3.

Discussion of Findings and Results

            All of the previously mentioned tests will be large deciding factors in the development of this controller.   Once analysts review all of the test results we will be able to see what parts of the controller were successes and what parts were failures. If the U.S.C. were found to have great successes as far as the touch screen goes then further tweaks to the touch screen would be added improving on any week areas found in the touch screens design. Also, after the test results are in we will be able to see if the U.S.C.’s compatibility with two different consoles would be a success or failure.  The U.S.C. is a very versatile and innovative controller that will become a must have among gamers as they will see it as a much more cost effective way to play on both consoles as well as a more efficient way to play them with the touch screen. The authors of this report truly feel that the U.S.C. could become the next must have controller of any Xbox or Playstation gamer. 

Conclusion and Recommendations

            The U.S.C. has the potential to be the next evolutionary step in controllers as its multi-platform USB mapping program just might be the new industry standard among future controllers. The two key design elements of the controller point to the two focus points that most industries should focus on; usability, and compatibility. Companies should really look to invest in this compatible design as well as think of integrating today’s touch screen technology found in this controller. The U.S.C. is the future.


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I haven’t drawn in awhile.  This is what I came up with.  Regifted Amumu by ~Kamugi

I haven’t drawn in awhile.  This is what I came up with.  Regifted Amumu by ~Kamugi

Bioshock 2 Analysis

Did this as something for school.  


  • Allows access to the menu upon starting the game after the cutscene.  This lets players start the game easier and quicker.
  • Revitachambers are located in close areas for quick resurrections.  When player dies, respawning doesn’t wipe their progression so the player can get back and keep moving forward faster and easier.
  • Having choice between Harvesting or saving the Little Sisters.  Adds to the reward system by giving more or less depending on the choice.
  • Health system and eve system bars create good tension on managing health and eve.  When player is running low on health their bar indicates it by flashing telling the player to either run from the fight or pop a first aid, same thing happens with eve.
  • Choices between easy, medium and hard help player get to choose what type of game they would like to play.  Gives the player more choice on the matter of how easily he/she wants stuff to die.
  • Having a vast variety of weapons/plasmids to work with gives a nice feel of options.   Player can choose how to approach a fight and what to use to make it easier.
  • Hacking in the game gives a challenge with benefits of taking over turrets, getting extra rewards, and not having to pay as much at the vendors.
  • Combo choices with plasmids and weapons give excitement and cause critical thinking when dealing with enemies and how to avoid damage.  A combo of lightning and wrench can kill an enemy faster then using just a wrench.
  • Upgrades available for weapons and plasmids give player a reason to check all around the map.
  • Allowances of searching almost everywhere the map can offer give a good sense of the environment with the freedom of roaming.
  • Found recording give more details into the story line and character in them as the player progresses.


  • Actively having to check each corpse to find ammo, cash, or other items it might be carrying.  This can sometimes take away from the experience of the game when the player has to spend more time searching through corpses or other stuff.
  • Can only carry $500, which doesn’t allow for 0 spending sometimes when you need nothing from the machines.  Maximum could have been higher.
  • Taking photos often can almost lead to a death depending on difficulty of play one is playing on.  Could have made some other way to snap picture or not included it.
  • Weapon upgrades are few and sometimes difficult to come across.  Maybe adding a few to allow someone to complete more than 1 weapon per game?
  • Upgrading Eve or Health pools cost a bit too much.  Makes a tough decision of damage upgrade, new plasmid, Plasmid slots or get more health.  To even upgrade health or upgrade eve it cost 80 atom, to get more slots it cost 100 atom.  For every sister that you save you only get 160 atom and if harvested 300 atom.  Gives very little options of upgrades with the amount of atom available on each level.
  • Lack of Plasmid slots in the beginning make for tons of visits to the gene-switching machine.


  • Grinding all the plasmid slots while trying to increase survivability makes choices far difficult.  Couldn’t health/eve upgrades cost cash or less adam or possibly increase the amount of atom received from little sisters?
  • More weapon upgrades in the game would increase use of more types of weapon and not just the one you max to highest upgrade.
  • Aiming at enemies can sometimes be harder than it seems, especially when needed.  With the constant moving and small cursors getting a hit on the target is way difficult.  A lock on system might help in difficulty or maybe a bigger cursor.
  • There seems to be items distributed all around the map sometimes in places you aren’t likely to go if you are just sticking to the main story and not exploring.  Could have moved these to areas the player is likely to go to?

Would Like:

  • Would have liked to see more variety in enemies.  Splicers are all the same and become rather hard to tell one apart when trying to use special ammo or take pictures.
  • Would have liked to have a hand grenade option instead of just shooting grenades.  Give the player more option when on the move and trying to keep away form an enemy.
  • Would have liked more interaction with characters/npcs in the game.  Using just a radio and having a one-way conversation caused for little interaction.  There is barely any action between player and npc, radio contact has them giving direction or mocking the player while going through the story.
  • Would have liked to see more uses for money, at times it seemed a bit overflowing.  Sometimes there is nothing to spend it on and more options could have fixed this.


Hi my name is Mykuru and I’ll help you out with our strategy for the 25man Heroic Rhyolith encounter in the Firelands raid instance.

You will need 2 tanks, 5-7 healers and 16-18 dps.  You will want a mixed raid comp of both melee and range dps.

Phase 1

The only thing attackable on Rhyolith are his 2 legs, Left Leg and Right Leg.  The legs share an equal health pool of 35million which is the total health pool of the boss as well.  Why so little health on 25man?  Well the answer to that is simple, he has an 80 stack worth of Obsidian Armor that decreases any incoming damage by 80% and summons adds throughout the phase that need to be damaged down.  To get rid of the armor stacks Rhyolith must be moved over active volcanoes.  This makes him known to many guilds as the “Driving Boss.”

Rhyolith cannot be tanked during phase 1, he will walk in a straight path until he reaches the end of the platform or is turned by the raid.  To do this you should have melee dps on the legs.  When you attack the right leg, he will turn right and when attacking the left leg he will turn left or straighten out depending what you want.

You should have 1 designated dps calling out which leg to dps to get him moving over active volcanoes.  The quicker this is done the shorter the fight.

During this phase Rhyolith will summon 10 small adds known as Fragments of Rhyolith, these need to be killed before 30secs or they will rush a random raid member and do damage equal to half of their current health pool.  What we did was have 1 tank grab these small adds and tank them on Rhyolith’s feet so that melee could cleave onto them and range could AoE while hitting the legs as well.  The second type of add that will spawn is a Spark of Rhyolith.  Your other tank should proceed to pick this up and tank it away from the raid since it does a constant AoE that ticks for 10-13k each tick.  These adds gain a stacking buff called infernal rage which increases damage dealt as well as damage taken by 10% each stack it gains.  These can not be left up for too long or they will 1 shot your tank if he runs out of cooldowns.  Priority for adds should be Fragments, Sparks, then the feet.  Though melee should never leave feet this is strictly for range.  Unless you are running a heavy melee group then some melee will have to break free and assist with adds.

Your raid should assign at least 2 to 3 healers to the tank tanking Sparks and 1 designated healer to the tank tanking Fragments.  Rest should be on raid.

Once a volcano has been destroyed by Rhyolith it will be come a cratered volcano and after a few will spew lava that will do high fire damage if players are hit.  Volcanoes cannot be left up for too long or your raid will possibly wipe due to the stacking debuff Eruption which is causing fire damage to be increased by 10% per stack stacking to 20.  Once a volcano has been ran over he will proceed to spawn slimes called liquid Obsidians these will give him 1% more armor for every add that reaches him.

The legs must be dps’d to 25% to make Rhyolith show his true form and enter into phase 2.  Do make sure this happens before the 5th spark is let out for he will start stacking Super Heated (increases damaged by 10% and happens every 10 secs).

Phase 2

Have whichever tank has cooldowns left pick up Rhyolith.  Melee should be on his feet attacking with range 20yards away to avoid being knocked back by Concussion Stomp.  

Rhyolith will cast Immolation dealing fire damage every second to the raid until killed.  This increases higher as he gains more stacks of Super Heated.  He will also cast Lava beams which do 10k per hit.  They will circle around designated areas and are pretty easy to avoid/do very little damage to be cared about.  Cratered Volcanoes will still spew out Lava so make sure you continue to avoid this or you will wipe.

We had our disc priest drop their bubble in a safe spot while everyone stacked in it to avoid as much damage as possible and our druid tranq to try to raise the raids HP with Shamans using Spirit Link Totem and Paladins using Aura Mastery all in a straight line.  Once one cooldown was over the next was going out.

Phase 2 is a DPS race, pretty much kill him before you die from the damage he is shooting out.  Pop raid cooldowns to help as much as possible to avoid death and you win.  Keep your tanks up too.

In short:

  • Deal with adds properly in phase 1.
  • Don’t suck at driving the boss.
  • Keep tanks alive.
  • Avoid magma eruptions.
  • Use raid CDs as needed.
  • Have someone designated to drive the boss.
  • Have someone designated for the range to stand on for phase 2.
  • Don’t have DCs >_< This screwed us hard for awhile.

You should win.  Well I hope this was helpful and goodluck on your kill.


How to Heroic 25man Shannox

Hi my name is Mykuru and I’ll help you out with our strat on how to kill Heroic Shannox 25man in the Firelands raid instance.

You will want to bring 2 tanks, 5-7 healers and 16-18 dps for this fight.

Shannox has 114.2 million health on Heroic and his dog riplimb gained an increase health pool of 16.8million health.  Rageface remains around 800k-900k.

Changes to the fight:

  • Shannox and his dogs will no longer become enraged at the 30% mark so there is no need to kill them.
  • His dogs will gain a stacking buff for every successful melee hit called Feeding Frenzy, increasing damage done by 5% per stack for 20secs.
  • Magma Rupture is no longer part of the fight since none of the dogs die.
  • Riplimb will rez after 30 seconds if killed. (Suggest you don’t bother doing that).
  • Dogs will become immune to traps for 30secs after hitting one trap.

I will assume you know the basics of the fight from normal mode.

Have 1 tank pick up Shannox and 1 tank pick up Riplimb.  Tank them far from each other but not far enough to activate Separation Anxiety (Increases damage and attack speed by 100% to both Shannox and the dogs).  Each tank will gain stacks of Jagged Tear which must be reset or it will cause a wipe.  Each tank should have 2-3 healers designated with 1 healer healing the raid during any AoE damage.

Have a mage or another burst class take care of Rageface when he casts facerage and proceed to kite him into a crystal prism trap since Rageface will attack whoever breaks him out of facerage.  Make sure your raid is calling out locations of crystal prism traps so the Rageface kiter and Riplimb tank know where to take the dogs when they need to get them frozen.  You must freeze Rageface to make his Feeding frenzy stacks drop or he will start one shotting people.  Dogs become immune to traps after hitting one for 30secs so time your traps right and make sure they don’t hit any other traps while running around.

If you have any rogues in the raid possibly a good idea to have 1 or 2 disarming immolation traps to avoid possibly hitting them.

Riplimb tank should reset his stacks at every 7-9 stacks by kiting riplimb to a trap and freezing him.  This will also help in resetting his Feeding Frenzy stacks.  

The main tank will have a harder time resetting his stacks, he can only reset when Shannox casts Hurl spear and can no longer use Arcing Slash until the spear is returned by Riplimb.  If your tank is a warrior and Riplimb gets back fast he can heroic leap away or have a priest lifegrip him to a safe spot where the raid will not get cleaved by Arcing Slash.

Like in normal if someone hits a trap they should call it out immediately to get heals or be broken free ASAP.  Other than that continue resetting stacks and keeping tanks alive and it’s a sure win.  This boss is way easier on Heroic as far as raid damage goes and mechanics.  Keeping tanks up and dodging traps while dealing with Rageface are all pretty easy. Good luck and have fun.


League Blog 1

I’ve been playing a game called League of Legends it is a pretty fun game if you don’t know what it is I can only say it’s like DOTA or HON. It’s really interesting but at the same time it’s very frustrating. You will get certain matches that are not very fun at all because of the other players playing the game.

My time in League hasn’t been amazing but not completely terrible. I’ve played some games and got matched with teams that actually do try and other times I have been matched with complete idiots or people who just join the game and leave/feed the other team purposely being a troll.

I have found myself really liking to play support classes, mage classes and some tanks. My favorite characters have been Alistar a minotaur who can tank and do damage while supporting the team all at once. Soraka a support character who easily one of the best because her heals and abilities scale better with ability power than other support classes. Sona another support healer who also has a good harass that can be used skillfully in fights her ultimate is also a stun which can be used to help kill enemies or save ally teammates. Teemo who is a pusher/ranged attack, he uses poisons which are magic damage and reg physical attacks to do all his damage. His items that are best are on-hit items because they provide the most damage while being at range and not dying. His special ability is a mushroom that is full of poison and slows enemies, good Teemos will place them anywhere they can to have map awareness. I guess my last favorite would be a newer champ known as Orianna she is a machine mage champ who uses a ball for most of her abilities. It can be used to harass enemy and protect allies while also with her ult possibly keeping enemies from escaping because it pulls enemies towards it.

Enough chatter about my favorites. I’ve been trying to become a better player, I want to be able to play with others who actually want to win as well and not just give the game up. In league there are ranked games these give you rating but at the same time when you first start out you can either be in heaven because you don’t get retards or hell because you get the people who surrender/throw the game on purpose and ruin your rating terribly. I think I’ve had about 15 - 18 games end with me losing because of my team being dumb and surrendering or because 1 or 2 people feed/leave causing the rest of us to have no real chance. Luckily this game was a win with a support champion.


This is my gameplay of the champion Soraka, she is very very fun. We looked like we were going to lose at first but we came back and won the game. Champions on my team were Singed, Vayne, Cho’Gath, and Heimerdinger. The enemy team was Vladimer, Malzahar, Shaco, Pantheon, and Dr. Mundo. The comp was a pretty good match up we had tanks, they had tanks and each team had dps but our team had the support which turned out to be one of the things helping to win team fights.

I think I might start putting guides up or how to play a character that I know how to play with what items to get and what can help win a game.

One important thing to note about this game. WARDS WIN GAMES!

~Kamugi ^_^<3